What is Archibus?

Facilities and physical infrastructure management is a critical business function.  Comprising 25 to 50 percent of a company’s fixed assets and operating costs, facilities and infrastructure are significant resources that must be efficiently managed in order for a business to succeed in a globally competitive market.

Archibus -- a product from Eptura -- addresses these needs. With the Archibus solution, organizations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, and manufacturing -- reduce their infrastructure and facilities-related costs by using Archibus to make informed decisions that optimize return-on-investment and lower asset life-cycle costs. Moreover, efficient management of the facility and infrastructure provides a comfortable work environment that ultimately increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

The Archibus solution addresses a full range of facilities and infrastructure issues. The following are just a few examples of how an organization's employees, as well as outside personnel, interact with the Archibus facility and infrastructure management system:

The Archibus business solutions provide directed, best-practice methods for handling the complete range of facilities and infrastructure functions.  These solutions run within a unique environment that fuses database, CAD, spreadsheet, Web, document management, and workflow features into a cohesive whole. The entire application suite is wholly integrated, driven from a data dictionary, and can be configured to reflect your own business practices.

Corporations are global, and their software must likewise be able to provide far-reaching services. Towards that end, Archibus is built on enterprise-scalable technologies:

Archibus can be deployed as follows. Both deployments use the same code base, views, database schema, and business logic.

Archibus supports the below languages out-of-the-box. Archibus can be translated to single-byte or double-byte languages using its localization features.

The full Archibus Help and System Management Help is available in English; a subset of Archibus Help topics are available in:

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