Operational Differences of Archibus SaaS and Non-SaaS

For the Web Central, Smart Client, and Smart Client Extensions for AutoCAD and Revit, there are slight differences in operation in an Archibus SaaS deployment compared to a non-SaaS deployment.

Smart Client

Feature Behavior in Archibus SaaS Help Topic
Drawing List

Although the Drawing List shows all drawings in the project, you can only edit and work with drawings that are stored on your local machine.

For example, you can edit a drawing and launch drawing tools only for drawings that exist on the local system.

Working with the Drawing List
Views tab on Explorer Pane The Explorer's Views tab hidden by default. Users can activate this tab if desired.

Working with the Explorer Pane

Creating New Grid Views

Smart Client Extensions for AutoCAD and Revit

Feature Behavior in Archibus SaaS Help Topic
Edit drawings On Archibus SaaS deployments, you edit drawings on your local system. You manually push and pull files from the Cloud to your local machine using an SFTP client program, such as Filezilla. CAD and BIM on SaaS Deployments
Publish enterprise graphics When you publish enterprise graphics, the enterprise graphics are published to the Cloud. Publishing Drawings as Enterprise Graphics
Manage documents The Document Management for Drawings feature is not available in Archibus SaaS deployments. Checking Drawings In and Out of the Document Management for Drawings System

Web Central

Feature Behavior in Archibus SaaS Help Topic
Navigator The Navigator typically does not present the Domain level. You drill down to tasks beginning at the Navigator's Application level. (If you have more than nine modules, the Navigator will display the Domain level.


View Definition Wizard In Archibus SaaS deployments, you have access to the Report-only View Definition Wizard, not the full View Definition Wizard. View Definition Wizard
Restarting the application server Certain actions -- such as editing workflow rules, editing application parameters, and setting the Enhanced Global Feature set -- require that an administrator restart the application server. For Archibus SaaS, deployments, you must contact Customer Support and request a restart of the SaaS environment.  

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