What's New in Archibus V.2022.03?

BIM Viewer: Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk BIM 360 (UserVoice Idea)

Archibus V.2022.02 introduced the BIM Viewer as a fully-functioning product, but it was solely for demonstration purposes as it connected only to Archibus's Autodesk account.

With Archibus V.2022.03, all customers can onboard and use the BIM Viewer to view their Autodesk models in Archibus. They connect the BIM Viewer to Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 and then consume their models -- either models cataloged in Archibus or not-yet cataloged models -- from these programs.

The BIM Viewer supports one generic Autodesk user for all Archibus users; sites do not need to set up individual Autodesk users in order to use the BIM Viewer.

For customers without an Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 subscription, we offer the possibility to store Forge models in a completely private bucket under the Archibus Autodesk repository. This private bucket is not shared with other customers.

Note: The BIM Viewer task is available if you purchase the Archibus Digital Twins license. The Archibus Digital Twins license enables the BIM Viewer view; there is no separate "BIM Viewer license."



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