What's New in Archibus V.2022.03?

BIM Viewer: Catalog Locations without Smart Client (Proof of Concept) (UserVoice Idea)

With the new, in-development Catalog BIM Models task, BIM Managers can catalog models stored in an Autodesk repository (Construction Cloud, BIM 360, Forge bucket) directly from Archibus Web Central.

With this task, BIM Managers can easily catalog their model's assets without using the Smart Client Extension for Revit. If sites have already cataloged their BIM models in Archibus using the Smart Client Extension for Revit, they can use this view to catalog any new models they develop.

At this time, we are still developing this feature, but you can experiment with this Proof of Concept using the Technologies / Innovative Solutions / Forge Integration / Catalog BIM Models task

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