What's New in Archibus V.2022.03?

BIM Viewer: Locate Selected Assets and Active Work

V.2022.02 introduced the BIM Viewer as a fully-functioning tool, which had evolved from a Proof of Concept. In V.2022.03, we continue to improve the BIM Viewer by more closely integrating it with maintenance work, as well as adding other useful features.

Locate Assets with Active Maintenance Work

The BIM Viewer now has a Work for Assets tab so that maintenance managers can use the BIM Viewer to search the BIM model and locate assets that have active maintenance work. In viewing the equipment in question within the comprehensive 3-dimensional BIM model, maintenance managers gain good insight into the problem. With the details of the 3-dimensional model, they are better prepared to plan for the maintenance work because they have a complete picture of wiring, fire equipment, piping and other details surrounding the asset that they need to service.

To help maintenance managers manage equipment maintenance using the BIM model, the BIM Viewer now supports:

Locate Multiple Assets in the Same Building

When users need to switch from locating maintenance work to locating the asset inventory, they can toggle from the Work for Assets tab to the Assets tab. The Assets tab has been enhanced so that users can locate a subset of assets in the same building and better focus on those assets that they need to work with.

Enhancements to the Assets tab include:


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